Tijuana Mission
Outreach Foundation


"A Message from Father Patrick Travers"

UPCOMING PROJECTS - Volunteer Opportunities!!!

EPIPHANY TRIP 2016 - Sunday January 17, 2016 

SUMMER BUILD 2016 - June 11th – June 16th, 2016
(5-7 Day trip to build homes/community buildings)

We are looking for volunteers, or want more information 
please e-mail us at tijuanamission@yahoo.com

The mission of Tijuana Mission Outreach Foundation is to help in multiple ways the impoverished people of La Morita, Tijuana, Mexico who are frozen in place.  Gifts of food, clothing, buildings and emergency funds are our primary means of help.  A smile of appreciation for a loaf of bread is a powerful encouragement to strive to do a lot more.  This is a powerful opportunity for Americans to see real poverty first hand.  Walking down the dusty road; seeing what people call home; seeing their water supply in the blue barrels at the corner of their “houses”; people cooking outside; the outhouses (most open to the stars); the hand-washed clothes hanging on the line; the exposed electrical wires running along the ground are a real eye-opener.  This evokes appreciation, sympathy, and generosity.