Our charity work takes place for the most part in this area east of Tijuana

A cot and a hot dinner awaits us each night at Rancho Ojai, east of Tecate

We're on for June 3 to 10, 2023 - please join us!!!

Summer Build Trip

We have seen poverty first-hand and have decided to do something about it.  With the help of Father Patrick Travers, SS.CC. and generous contributors, a number of volunteers have been making a difference in Tijuana, Mexico.  Every summer a group of experienced builders, parishioners who want to help improve lives in other communities, or people who simply want to help out any way they can, go down to the poverty-stricken outskirts of Tijuana to build houses for the less fortunate.  To date the Tijuana Mission Outreach has built over a hundred houses, eight churches, two community centers, and six sets of classrooms for a total of 20 (!) classrooms.

These houses are built to replace the existing homes which are leaky shacks made from discarded garage doors and cardboard.  The new houses, over 700 sq ft, are framed to American standards, consisting of four rooms, a peaked roof, inner walls, wiring for electricity and plumbing.

It takes as lot of very hard work to complete the project.  The volunteers  are up on the road before six in the morning, and normally don’t return to their campground in Tecate until eight at night.  The days are long and hot, but these hard-working volunteers will treasure their experience for the rest of their lives.